February 21, 2018 update:

Alright, I'm getting more consistent. I've been brainstorming. I need a real blog with readers and rich content. I'm overwhelmed with ideas. I have the motivation, I have the drive... I have some decisions to make, I have to narrow down my ideas. Do I want to get deep, down and dirty? I've always excelled at writing on a personal level. All the intimate details... but on a more anonymous level. I don't mind spilling my secrets, but I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing my soul with potential real-life acquaintances.

I could write about my family, my lifestyle, share some tips and advice like everyone else- but by exposing myself and knowing my audience in real life I feel like it would be a censored version of what I had in mind. Perhaps I could venture into 2 separate projects. I'll sleep on it. Big changes up ahead. This girl is rich with ideas, motivation, and the will to do what it takes to get out of this hellhole trap- but desperately broke and in need of a chance to start something new to support her family. 

email me here if you have any tips or ideas. any support is welcome. you could kindly purchase something from my eBay store. I've never been the type to ask, but the struggle is real, so Paypal donations are accepted.  

xoxo, kelly

please have an amazing day! 

February 14, 2018 update: 

Doesn't anyone adore this pink neon fuzzy mohair totally 80's vintage women's slouchy sweater by Benetton? 

Benetton Fuchsia Pink and Purple Fuzzy Mohair Oversized Cardigan Benetton Sweater, Women's size 48 Italian, Vintage 1980's

I've got other goodies, including Descoware, Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne autographs, Flavia Weedn vintage art decor, Michael Jackson 1984 doll in box, some rad books, Marilyn Monroe and biker t-shirts, and lots more in my eBay store. I appreciate your support! Times are tough. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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August 5, 2017 update:

I sold a beloved Betsey Johnson purse I was hesitant to give up.
(but paying bills is more important)
I have this strange/unique tote bag listed:

Smack's Superclass, Tillytown, Wellington's Knife Polish Vintage Advertising Tote Bag

Retro Graphic SMACK'S SUPERCLASS Oakey's Wellington Knife Polish Ad Art Tote Bag | eBay 

I like it. Maybe it's too weird for everyone else.

Something more mainstream? Like Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga T-Shirt

July 22,2017 update:

I would love to update more often if I found an interface I'd like.
I had Wordpress in progress, but it was a little overwhelming and there were way too many spam comments. It was a bit much, so I'd prefer something I could update easily 24/7 in seconds with a simple interface.

Life has been a roller coaster this year.
Family issues, financial woes, health concerns. (not me, well mostly not)
and I sadly lost one of my best friends recently. (RIP AIMEE)

I have been focusing on Ebay A LOT. I became a top-rated/POWERseller! 

Some awesome, high $ sales, some weird and unusual sales, and some goodies I regret basically giving away.

I sold a VHS tape to someone at Sub Pop!

My favorite customers are the buyers who are communicative, and tell me their plans for the item they bought. ☻

I love to hear "it was better than described!" and when buyers praise my careful packaging.
(I spend so much time examining and describing flaws, even though this doesn't appear to be the norm anymore)

I'm thinking about opening a store ONLY because my overall seller fees may be cheaper this way.
Oooh- I finally bought a mannequin! Right now I have about 100 items up, a little of everything. Wanna see something pretty?

Morbid Threads Burgundy Black Flutter Sleeve Sheer Shoulder Tie Top, Goth, Punk
MORBID THREADS Flutter Sleeve Burgundy Shoulder Tie M Top Gothic,Punk Hot Topic | eBay 

The pretty top hasn't sold yet, and I have yet to list the mini skirt.

THANK YOU if you're still reading. xo.
I haven't had much time for anything BUT Ebay lately. Gotta pay the bills and keep the bank balance in the positive, which has been tough.

This week I'm gonna attempt to power list a ton of new inventory. If you buy anything from me after reading this page, please let me know! I will send you some extra goodies or give you an extra shipping discount. I am forever grateful to all of my buyers! If you see something you'd like a better deal on- mention this site and I'm more willing to give you a killer deal. Thanks guys, love ya! xo.


July 2016 update:

Ebay day and night.

Taking care of my family 24/7.

I've become a bit of an insomniac again.

Take a look here. Everything from vintage t-shirts and punk clothes to VHS tapes (yes! people are still after them!) and CD's to rare antiques and old 1980s toys! I ship fast and still throw in extra bonus goodies to my customers as often as possible.

This month I sold a pair of 1969 Denmark license plates, retro lunchboxes, vintage t-shirts (The Mr. Bill Show, Third Eye Blind, Led Zeppelin..), modern Breaking Bad, Sonic The Hedgehog, World Industries, Disneyland Tower of Terror, Fender t-shirts, an antique Railroad lantern, 1970's mother of pearl lighter case, some htf horror VHS movies, punk CDs from my old collection, even a Sonic Youth CASSETTE tape!

Ebay is slower in the summer, but I've been working harder than ever. I don't have a 9-5 job, so I rely on sales to pay the bills.

email me here if you want to contact me. I don't do social media much anymore. eBay auctions here.

gutterglitter! ebay items

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable webhost- check out WebbyTech- I've been with them for years, and have never had any problems.

Thanks, see you soon!
xo, Kelly